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When you enroll in Army ROTC programming as a high school senior, you have time to participate in the program without obligation. You’ll develop life-long friendships with other cadets. And, you will have the ability to decide if you want to commit to the program your junior year. 

If you know it’s something you will do, it’s also a great time to apply for ROTC scholarships. 

Apply to IUPUI

During the fall of your senior year, apply to IUPUI or your university of choice. Partner institutions include Butler University, Franklin College, Ivy Tech Community College, Marian University, and the University of Indianapolis. 

Each university has different admission and scholarship application requirements and procedures. You’ll want to carefully research your choices, associated deadlines, and academic programs. Regardless of your applications or desired major, the earlier you apply, the better chances you have to be admitted and to receive scholarships.

Apply to IUPUI

Next: Apply for ROTC scholarships

You do not need to receive a scholarship to join, but we strongly encourage you to apply to the Army’s ROTC scholarship program. You may be eligible for opportunities that will help pay your tuition. 

You also will want to prepare to meet the physical fitness standards. Learn more.

Next: Enroll in IUPUI ROTC courses

Once admitted, you may enroll in the corresponding class for your university. Remember, the first two years are open enrollment, and you may take the classes without obligation unless you received a scholarship. This gives you the option of seeing if becoming a military officer is the right path for you.


Course Name

Course Number


Intro to Military Science

MIL G101


Intro to Military Science



Foundations of Officership

MIL G101


Special Topics: Intro to Leadership

KINS 480-04


Intro to Military Science

MIL G101

Ivy Tech

Intro to Military Science

MIL G101

Enroll in IUPUI courses

Last: Meet with us

After you have completed the previous three steps, make an appointment to meet with us. We know that each cadet has his or her own individual path, and we would like to help you explore your goals. We also can help you take advantage of any incentives or benefits that IUPUI Army ROTC has to offer.
close up of Cadet Kerens

Cadet Paxson Von Kerens
BS ’18, Electrical Engineering Technology

Cadet Paxson Von Kerens has received plenty of real-world training through his time with IUPUI’s ROTC program. Set to graduate in May 2018, Von Kerens has benefited from a broad scope of military experience during his college career.

Read about Paxson's story

Important tip

Be sure to meet with your advisor in your designated university academic program and/or major. It is important that you get to know your advisors and professors in your major to ensure success in your academic coursework outside Army ROTC.

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