Cadet Life

A place where you belong

The IUPUI cadet community is an exciting place to be. You’ll love the downtown Indianapolis energy and excitement that student life at IUPUI’s urban campus provides. Your network will extend beyond the ROTC program to like-minded students in your chosen major. You’ll develop life-long friendships with people you can count on to be there for you. You can live on or near campus if you choose. And, you’ll be able to participate in student clubs and activities at the same level as other IUPUI students. 

If you attend one of our partner campuses, you’ll have the same opportunities on those campuses. 

There’s a place for you here. 

"When deployed in Afghanistan, I was on an overnight mission operating in limited visibility, too dark to recognize faces. Imagine my surprise when I heard a familiar voice, ‘Tyler, is that you?’ Across the ocean on a 12-month deployment and on an important operation to reinforce a friendly unit, I ended up reinforcing a fellow ROTC classmate and friend, Colin Brodmerkel. In ROTC, you make life-long friends you can depend on no matter where you are." 

--Tyler Bell, 2009 ROTC Grad

Get involved

Within the IUPUI's ROTC program itself, cadets lead an active and committed lifestyle. Staff rides, runs, ropes courses, IUPUI Regatta, challenges, contests, and other events will keep you moving and engaged. These events build cadet comradery, deepen relationships with ROTC faculty, strengthen friendships, and simultaneously serve the campus and community.

On average, cadets commit six hours to Army ROTC weekly. You will have ample time to study, work, and enjoy extracurricular activities.