Hands-On Leadership Preparation

Army ROTC—Reserve Officer Training Corps—is one of the country’s best leadership programs.

Because the Army exists to serve Americans, protect national interests, and fulfill military responsibilities, Army ROTC curriculum trains individuals to be competent and capable of meeting these challenging tasks.

This program will teach you how to rise above hardships and to make effective, informed decisions. You will learn to influence others, thereby accomplishing missions and improving organizations.

Once you graduate, you’ll be poised to serve as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard. You’ll also be prepared to assume a leadership role in any profession you pursue. 

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Leadership is the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. 

How it Works

Army ROTC at IUPUI is a four-year program, traditionally beginning your freshman year and culminating with a commissioning ceremony after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

As part of a close-knit community of cadets, you will surround yourself with purpose-driven individuals who, like you, are pursuing degrees in programs they are passionate about. You pick your major, and you take military science curriculum as complementary coursework.

Graduates earn a Minor in Leadership and Military Science from the IU School of Health & Human Sciences, our campus academic partner.

Cadet Life

Our team hosts events through the year that bring cadets together, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for adventure through program-related courses and weekend training programs.

We recognize that being involved in your education is key to your program success. Beyond your military science focus, you are encouraged to join student organizations, participate in campus clubs and activities, help others through IUPUI’s extensive community service programs, and make friends via IUPUI’s student-focused events.

More about the cadet experience

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I love the IUPUI ROTC program because it showed me confidence, trust, and leadership. The experience of IUPUI ROTC is like none other because of our urban setting and the opportunities to use various training sites such as Camp Atterbury and Muscatatuk Training Center.

2nd LT Grace Begovich, 2017 IUPUI Grad

Not at IUPUI?

If you are a student at the following universities, you may enroll in IUPUI’s ROTC classes, pursue your major at the partnering school, and earn a U.S. Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard commission.

  • Butler University
  • Franklin College
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Marian University
  • University of Indianapolis

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IUPUI cadet shares why ROTC is an inspiring and important program for the University.

Description of the video:

Joseph Rodriguez: My name is Joseph Rodriguez. I am a cadet in ROTC. I’m a Junior. ROTC’s affiliation on campus is a mission that the government set out to commission officers from college. ROTC IPY unit is actually fairly new in comparison to other colleges like IU or Purdue, but we have one of the larger ones in the area actually. I was in the Army National Guard before I was even out of high school. I joined when I was 17 years old and I already kind of made a decision to join the military. It really hit me after senior year after I came back from my boot camp. I just really felt like I wanted to become an officer. Through that, I was able to have a lot of good experiences with the army national guard and I learned a lot of stuff. I think it helped me a lot and then going into my freshman year of college I immediately started in ROTC and I kind of just swam with it. I Know one of the reasons why I joined was because I wanted to be able to have an impact with my influence as a leader and being able to lead people into battle is a very powerful thing. It’s not something you just don’t take very lightly. People’s lives are in your hands at all points. It’s a good feeling to be able to not only help your soldiers that are below you and get them through another day, but also to help others with the things that you do. Army ROTC is an inspiring program because it gives individuals the ability to be a follower and then become a leader as you are in the program for longer. You get to kind of appreciate your leadership role and then you get to go do it for real once you’re done here.