From the Professor of Military Science

Thank you for visiting the IUPUI ROTC website.

We have more than 100 cadets actively enrolled in this rich and impressive program, which teaches our students to affect others by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to those they lead. By mastering these skills, cadets graduate with the ability to empower others and bring people together to accomplish shared goals.

We develop character by teaching values, empathy, service, and discipline. We also help our cadets improve their presence—the way they carry themselves—through deliberate focus on resilience strategies, confidence, and fitness. Among other things, we strive to hone their intellect and acumen, exploring mental agility, judgement, innovation, and tact while simultaneously growing their expertise.

The Army’s leadership development program is arguably the best in the nation. Our program touches on counseling, coaching, and mentoring others. Graduates possess the ability to influence people, effectively perform, and capture and act upon important lessons. Individuals who participate in our curriculum will be better prepared to lead and succeed, no matter their chosen profession.

The program is open to all IUPUI students without obligation to join. Students represent all majors offered across the university, and those who complete the program earn a military science minor. The curriculum is taken as elective coursework in addition to courses required for their chosen major. Our program is not limited to IUPUI students, and we have partnerships with many universities located in Central Indiana.

Our cadets also participate in extracurricular activities and may be student athletes. We understand that the more involved students are in university offerings, the richer their college experiences become and the more likely they are to succeed. Program participants also develop strong friendships with other cadets, and members of our cadre are committed to helping each cadet achieve his or her potential.

We believe our program is second to none, and that there’s a place for you here. Won’t you join us?

Very respectfully,

LTC Tim LaBahn