Cadet Kari Parmeter was a junior in high school when she started applying for the Army ROTC Four-Year Scholarship program. Initiating the process early gave her plenty of time to complete all the steps, and the Army’s website made it easy to coordinate and track the details.

“Knowing that I have income without having to work a traditional job gives me the ability to focus on school,” says cadet Parmeter, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in public safety at IUPUI. “But the best part of earning the scholarship is what it’s led me to.”

Joining ROTC is “one of the greatest choices I could have made,” she says. It enabled her to train for full-time active duty and make friends to last a lifetime.

“ROTC gives you the opportunity to gain an education while training to be a leader in the U.S. Army,” Cadet Parmeter says. “There is so much to learn from the teamwork and discipline within the military.”