There were several things that drew Captain Will Warner to IUPUI’s ROTC program. The camaraderie. The training. And the cadre members.

Warner says, “Every cadre member in the organization was eager to pass on their experiences and lessons learned from years of service. The list of cadre members that inspired me is long, as I learned lessons in leadership from many of them of which have stayed with me throughout my career.”

After graduation, Warner was commissioned into the Aviation branch. He says he was “fortunate enough” to fly the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and be a member of the Air Cavalry. In 2016, Warner applied to the Army’s Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP) and was accepted into Functional Area 34 (Strategic Intelligence).

Warner is grateful for the knowledge he gained through the ROTC program, especially when he was deployed, completing two tours in Afghanistan.

“My experiences in the IUPUI ROTC program were instrumental in preparing me for the responsibility of being an Army officer,” he says. “Specifically, the lessons in leadership that I learned from the experienced cadre and my fellow cadets is what has allowed me to be successful in my career.”

The officer has served as a Platoon Leader and a Troop Commander during both of his deployments. Warner is without a doubt a born leader.

He says, “My goal for the future is simply to positively impact the lives and careers of other soldiers in the pursuit of the purpose we serve.”